BELLA COSMETOLOGY INSTITUTE LLC was incorporated in NEW JERSEY in January 2010. BELLA is licensed with the State Board of New Jersey Hairstyling & Cosmetology.

Equipped with the best instructors and state of the art training facilities, we take great pride in preparing each individual who is seeking a career in the field of Cosmetology.

We are dedicated to preparing individuals seeking a career in the field of Cosmetology and where applicable in preparing them for their State Board Examinations.

Over the years, our reputation has grown as our graduates go on to become knowledgeable professionals in the field. Through engaging and hands-on educational opportunities, Bella Cosmetology Institute continuously cultivates future industry leaders. If this is what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more and join our growing community.

Bella Cosmetology Institute is located in Palisades Park, New Jersey. The school features modern facilities (4,900 sq. feet) equipped with all equipments and supplies in accordance with NJAC 13:28-6.20. The ground floor will feature all classrooms for theory portion of the courses offered. Senior clinic and offices are located in the upper level. The school is situated within short walking distance of restaurants and convenient access to banks and postal.

CHALLENGE YOUR DREAMS with Bella Cosmetology Institute with various benefits!

벨라(BELLA)뷰티스쿨은 뉴저지 주정부가 인정한 최고의 강사진들과 최신교육시설을 갖추고 미용업계의비젼을 제시하며 여러분의 상담을 환영합니다. 다양한 혜택과 함께 벨라 뷰티스쿨에서 당신의 꿈! 자격증에 도전하십시요!

수년에 걸쳐 졸업생들이 이 분야에서 지식이 풍부한 전문가가됨에 따라 우리의 명성은 높아졌습니다. 참여적이고 실습적인 교육 기회를 통해 BELLA Cosmetology Institute는 지속적으로 미래 산업 리더를 육성합니다. 이것이 귀하가 찾고있는 것이면 주저하지 말고 연락하여 자세히 알아보고 성장하는 커뮤니티에 참여하십시오.




We offer:

  • *New York and ALL Out-of-State License Transfer (Transfer)*
  • Evaluations for Transcript from Out-of-State
  • Monthly tuition payment plans
  • Help with job placements and field placements
  • Modern Educational Facility
  • We can assist you in ENGLISH / KOREAN / CHINESE / SPANISH

  • *뉴욕및 타주 라이센스 교체(Transfer)*

  •  *뉴저지 미용국 시험 감독관 직강*

  • 현대식 교육시설

  • 학비 분할 납부 가능

  • 취업 알선

  • 짧은 교육기간과 수업시간선택 가능

  • 뉴져지 미용국 업무대행

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