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Cosmetology course consists of entry level education in Nail, Hair and Skin Care license.

The total of 1200 hours are needed as a prerequisite for the NJ State Board Exam in Practical/ Theory. The educational objective of the complete Cosmetology Hairstyling curriculum is to provide the student with training sufficient to pass the state board exam, to become properly licensed, and to perform all duties required under such license to secure employment at an entry level. Obtaining a Cosmetology Hairstyling license allows an individual to practice all phases of Cosmetology Hairstyling including manicures, pedicures, skin care, barbering, depilatory service, and make-up application.


헤어, 네일, 스킨케어를 포함한 종합 라이선스는 1200시간 (이론 343시간, 실기 857시간)을 이수해야 라이선스 시험 응시 자격이 주어집니다.














The Skin Care Specialist program consists of 600 clock hours as prescribed by the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling. The educational objective of the Skin Care Specialist program is to provide students with the training that will be sufficient to pass the State Board exams to get  licensed in NJ. In being licensed the student will secure entry level employment with the capability to perform all duties required under this license. Obtaining this License allows you to practice in all aspects of Skin care including: makeup application, facial and reflexology massage, galvanic and high frequency current, body procedures including waxing and aromatherapy.

스킨케어는 600시간 (이론 300시간, 실기 300시간) 을 이수해야 라이선스 시험 응시 자격이 주어집니다.


The Manicure program consists of 300 hours required by the State Board of New Jersey Hairstyling and Cosmetology. The educational objective of the manicure course is providing the student with efficient training to help pass the State Board TWO-PART exam .After successfully completing the course. Student will be on a entry level to perform the following

 Nail technician, pedicurist, waxing specialist, artificial nail technician, and manicurist.

뉴저지 네일 라이선스를 취득하시려면 주정부 인가 교육 기관에서 이론 130시간, 실기 170시간을 이수한 후 주정부 필기·실기 시험을 통과 해야 합니다. 








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